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Enrollment Process



For face-to-face classes, you may book an appointment to meet and discuss your English learning plans.  

For online classes, you may send a message or email us to know more about our program and the classes that we offer. 



The student's level must be assessed before starting the classes:

  • Young Learners

- 1-hour written test 

- short and assisted test for very low beginners (~10-15 mins.)

- 10 to 15-minute interview          

  • Adult Learners

- 15 to 20-minute interview

*Assessment duration for test-based classes depends on the test



After the assessment, the program team will create a personalized program that will address the student's learning needs. Programs are sent via email.

The program is based on the result of the student's assessment test and/or interview. We take into consideration the areas that need improvement as well as the parents' requests if there are any. 



Once the schedule has been confirmed, you may already start your classes. Tuition fees will be collected upon commencement. We accept cash or check payments. You may also pay your tuition fees via online bank transfer, remittance centers like Western Union, GCash, and PayPal.


For students enrolling in online classes, a copy of the materials will be sent together with the program. Subsequent books will be sent by the program team or your teacher. For those enrolling in face-to-face classes, materials will be given on your first day.



Students should study a minimum of two 50-minute classes per week which can be taken either once (100 mins.) or twice (50 mins. each) a week. There is a 10-minute break in between classes.


It usually takes about a week or two before we can give a slot to a student, but this can be shorter depending on your preferred schedule and the availability of teachers.

Class Schedule

Face-to-face Classes
7:00 a.m. - 8:50 p.m. (Philippine time)
Monday to Saturday

Online Classes*
7:00 a.m. - 10:50 p.m. (Philippine time)
Monday to Saturday

Number of Classes

Number of Days per Month

5 days per week (2 hours)

3 days per week (2 hours)

2 days per week (2 hours)

1 day per week (2 hours)

5 days per week (50 minutes)

3 days per week (50 minutes)

2 days per week (50 minutes)

1 day per week (50 minutes)

5 days per week (25 minutes)

20 times (40 hours)

12 times (24 hours)

8 times (16 hours)

4 times (8 hours)

20 times

12 times

8 times

4 times

20 times

*Online classes earlier than 7:00 a.m. and later than 10:50 p.m. may be accommodated depending on teachers' availability

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