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A New Life in a Foreign Land

People move to other countries for a variety of reasons. It could be for work, study, retirement, or they just need a change of scenery to start life with a clean slate.

Whatever your reason may be, migrating to another country is exhilarating yet frightening at the same time. It’s a totally new world. The newness of everything – culture, food, people, language – can be pretty overwhelming.

Hence, if you are thinking of moving to the Philippines, I will share the two most important tips that can help you ease into your new life smoothly.

Learn the language

Isn’t it frustrating to not be understood by sales assistants when you go grocery shopping or tell your driver to take you somewhere? Therefore, it is crucial to learn the language and be able to communicate with the locals. This, in turn, will make your life less stressful.

While there are over a hundred languages spoken in the Philippines, our official language is English. The Philippines is home to many English language institutes, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you live in Bonifacio Global City, you can take English lessons from Bonifacio-ENL Academy. Please check out our website to learn more about our academy and the courses offered.

There are also many international schools in the area where you can send your children - International School of Manila (ISM), Manila Japanese School (MJS), The British School Manila (BSM), and Korean International School Philippines (KISP).

Live like a local

Embrace all social interaction opportunities with the locals. Explore the places where they frequent, like restaurants or parks. Make an effort to go out and meet people. The more you interact with them, the easier it is for you to learn and accept cultural differences, which will help you better deal with culture shock.

If you enjoy a morning jog and like to do some stretching before you start your day, there are some open spaces and parks in Bonifacio Global City where you can safely do your sweat session – a brisk walk or a no-equipment workout.

1. BGC Greenway - It’s a 1.5-kilometer footpath along McKinley Road and has become a favorite spot for joggers since 2017.

2. Terra 28th – You can see many people jogging, skipping rope, or playing badminton in the early mornings or late afternoons.

3. Track 30th – This is just two blocks away from Terra 28th, also a good place for fitness enthusiasts. Just choose which one is less crowded.

4. Roundabout in American Cemetery – Located in McKinley Road, it’s a perfect place for your morning or afternoon jog as you can also catch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

5. Burgos Circle – Not only is it a good place for a brisk walk, you can also quickly grab a bite when you’re starving from shedding all those pounds. The place is surrounded by busy restaurants and cafes.

There are still many pocket parks in BGC. Take time to explore the place and find your sanctuary.

If you are a foodie, BGC is also brimming with international restaurants serving delectable dishes. In Bonifacio High Street, a one-kilometer strip where you can shop and dine, there is a restaurant for every food you crave.

  • Filipino – Check out Abe, Elias, Lorenzo, and Manam, among others.

  • Korean – Sariwon, Sobang, Daraejung

  • Japanese – Wasshoi, Marugame Udon, Rame Nagi

  • Italian – Italiannis, L’Opera Ristorante Italiano, Va Bene Pasta Deli

  • Indian – Hossein’s Persian Kebab, Kashmir BGC

If you miss your food from back home, you can always satisfy your craving in any of these restaurants. There are still a lot more, and that’s for you to explore.

May you have an amazing experience living in the Philippines. If you have questions about living in BGC, studying English with Bonifacio-ENL Academy, or other topics you are curious about, feel free to leave your comments below. You can also check out our other articles on ENLighten.

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