Productivity and Rainy Days

While half of the world is complaining about unbearable heat, those of us in the Philippines are used to the ferocious typhoons of July. When I was a kid, this used to be the season I loved the most because it meant that school would probably be suspended. I remember riding the tricycle home in the middle of the day with my umbrella acting as a shield from the relentless rain, trying to avoid the water splashing onto my black leather shoes. From my childish point of view, it was more exciting than uncomfortable.

As an adult, I still love some things about the rain - the contemplative mood, the cozy weather perfect for hot drinks and warm clothes - but I understand that it has its negatives as well. In worst-case scenarios, typhoons are dangerous. Several of the strongest storms that brought about floods, endangered lives, and devastated the country have blurred together in my memory. I’m grateful that this year’s batch of typhoons isn’t to that level, and I hope we continue to get through the year safe and sound. One crisis at a time, please.

However, a lesser but still prevalent evil of the typhoon season is much more insidious - lethargy. It’s that very familiar “not wanting to do anything but stay under the covers” feeling that the weather just heightens immensely. It’s what turns thirty-minute naps into three hours. It’s what makes you choose your bed over that paper you have to write. Especially now that we have nowhere to go and next to nothing to do, that temptation is more present than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cozy culture. The Philippines is such a hot country that I’ll jump at any chance to wear a sweater. I also firmly believe in the importance of taking rest and the necessity of tuning out from the world for a little while.

But too much of anything is never good. If you’re finding yourself falling into this trap of soft blankets and loud rainfall, we’ve got you covered. This month, ENLighten will be featuring articles on productivity. Though we wrote them with the rainy season in mind, hopefully, you can find something to return to any time during the year when you’re caught up in a slump, feel like you’re lacking motivation, or just looking for a little boost. And hey, if we didn’t let the weather stop us from writing this month, neither should you.

Last month, we got started. This month, let’s keep going.

Happy reading!

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